Imperial Soldier
A Wretch Soldier Holding An HS-51 Bolt Rifle
Type Assault
Variants Soldier, Scout, Pyro, Demoman, Engineer, Heavy, Sniper, Medic, Spy
Health 200
Damage 20
First Encounter Season 1 Episode 1: Awakening
"necris soldiers!" -light guardian.

the wretch (or necris soldiers prior to the quantum update) is one of the common enemies encountered in the rise of the dark nemesis series, used by the imperials as standard ground troops.


wretches are former humans that underwent exposure to radiation or dark energy. the head replaced with a "gasmask", gloves for hands, tactical vests, and a belt. wretches can range from 9 variations.

  • scout: being one of the weakest of the other wretches, the scouts don't use special or tactical gear and only carry sub machine guns.
  • soldier: these variants can use other weapons, including shotguns. however, they don't have access to the core rooms, which can only be accessed by high-ranking soldiers.
  • pyro: pyros mainly only carry shotguns, but because of their name, they will attempt to throw flammable combustion grenades. they also rarely carry flamethrowers.
  • demoman: demomen can carry DMR's or LMG's. demomen can use grenade launchers or rockets to attack enemy structures during sieges.
  • engineer: one of the smartest of the imperial armada. engineers carry turrets and building equipment to finish off the enemy.
  • heavy: the strongest variation in the armada. they carry LMG's, shotguns, and even grenade launchers, making it the most powerful wretch in the imperial necris arm.
  • medic: a supportive variation that focuses on healing squad members. although rare, it can be mostly found in areas under imperial control.
  • sniper: a stealthy variation. snipers are out of sight in the front line. they will carry an HS-150 rail cannon, making it one of the most high-damage variations in the game.
  • spy: one of the rarest variations. spies are considered the most threatening variation in the imperial necris arm. spies can sabotage equipment, collect information on the enemy, and even trick others into traps.


in the game, wretches are mostly found in irradiated areas, or in necris controlled colonies. during the time where the invasion happened on reach, the colonies were taken over control, only to have colonists, turned into slaves for the empire. there were no records of escape, due to imperials having a "blackbox" in the infected host's brain. however, UNSC personnel are able to outsmart the imperials, using tactics wretches do not use. these tactics are also seen during WWII and the cold war.

there were multiple reports that the imperials "sterilized" the human population. reports say that the imperials were lowering their numbers so that retaking the colony in case of an attack would be easy. however, with the colonies having allies, the chances of driving the invaders off would double from 15% to 84%.

it is also notified by ONI that one of a third of the infected have been diagnosed with brain cancer. however, due to cybernetic augmentation and biotechnological conversion, the brain cancer can no longer kill the host.


  • wretches have a weak point, aiming at the head is a critical hit, if a marine aims the pistol to a wretch, it would weaken it, exposing the wretch's weakness.
  • the wretches could have been inspired by the game series, gears of war, the wretch in RotDN are hostile, this behavior is shared to the monster of the same name in gears of war.
  • the assassin is also a backup imperial to kill humans on sight, using darkcalibur swords to wipe out UNSC shock troops.
  • during season 1 episode 5 aka: invasion of new alexandra, the wretches were encountered once again. first the cameras are disabled, then civilians are killed by unknown means.
  • it may be possible for wretches to regenerate their health, it could be the dark energy crystals implanted inside them.
  • on rare cases, aliens can become wretches themselves.


Wretch Scout Artist Description

an artist's description of the wretch scout.

Wretch Concept Art

concept art.

Wretch Skeleton

the wretch's skeleton easter egg in RotDN 2 chapter 5 (beta preview).

Imperial Demoman

demoman holding an HS-73 prism rifle.

Imperial Scout

scout holding an HS-14 nova.

Imperial Medic

medic holding an HS-22 shadow thrower.

Imperial Pyro

pyro holding an HS-47 ion cannon

Imperial Engineer

engineer holding an HS-36 disintegrator.

Imperial Heavy

heavy carrying an HS-200 electron accelerator.

Imperial Sniper

sniper holding an HS-150 rail cannon.

Imperial Spy

spy holding an HS-94 pulse imploder.

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