Imperial Soldier
A Wretch Soldier holding an HS-51 Bolt Rifle
Type Assault
Variants Soldier, Scout, Pyro, Demoman, Engineer, Heavy, Sniper, Medic, Spy
Health 200
Damage 20
First Encounter Meridian, May 23rd, 2578
The Wretch (or Necris Soldier prior to the Quantum update) is one of the common enemies encountered in RotDN: Energy Strike. They are the second infected to be encountered.


Humans who become infected as an Amalgamate have a chance to form into Wretches. Wretches are coordinated rather than the Amalgamate's feral behavior. Physically, Wretches are formally human, with their head replaced with a gas mask to hide their facial disfigurement. They also display are large amount of intelligence, being able to use weapons, vehicles and computing systems.

Unlike it's Amalgamate cousin, the Wretch is the only known infected capable of speech (The other being the Proxy), as the gas mask allows communication with all Imperial forces, and say words such as "Requesting reserve activation" or "Request medical". Wretches can range to nine variations. They also display signs of augmentation on their limbs.


Wretches rely on their ranged weapon capabilities for hard to reach targets, and often used as an assault unit. Their most iconic weapon being the Bolt Rifle, given by Wretches during their beginner stages. Their armor appears to act like Kevlar, at which low-power firearms are ineffective (Namely pistols). Wretches have 200 health and deal 20 damage per hit. Their health and damage increases or decreased depending on their variation.

On rare cases, Wretches will use melee attacks if a target gets too close. Noted by their perfect accuracy, it seems Wretches can pinpoint their target when moving, making it incredibly dangerous. However, Wretches - like most infected - are vulnerable to electricity. Abilities such as Static Burst will temporarily blind Wretches for a short time (Does not work on Medics or Spies).


  • In the beta for RotDN 2, there is an Easter Egg where the player encounters a Wretch skeleton display.
    • It is believed that there was either an autopsy or an X-Ray scan.
  • Wretches do not seem to follow the laws of robotics. But instead, exhibit aggressive behavior to uninfected individuals.
    • This is also hinted out by the fact the Wretches communicate with others. This shows that Wretches are not capable of Mercy, and use militaristic attacks instead.
  • The colors on the combat uniforms determine the ranks of the Wretches. Symbols and markings also determine their ranking.
    • Heavies, Spies, Demomen. Pyros and Snipers are considered the most dangerous. Soldiers, Medics, Scouts and Engineers are considered the least dangerous.


Imperial Scout

Scout holding an HS-14 Nova.

Imperial Demoman

Demoman holding an HS-73 Prism Rifle.

Wretch Skeleton

The Wretch's skeleton Easter Egg in RotDN 2 (Beta preview).

Imperial Engineer

Engineer holding an HS-36 Disintegrator.

Imperial Medic

Medic holding an HS-22 Shadow Thrower.

Imperial Pyro

Pyro holding an HS-47 Ion Cannon

Imperial Sniper

Sniper holding an HS-150 Rail Cannon.

Imperial Spy

Spy holding an HS-94 Pulse Imploder.

Imperial Heavy

Heavy carrying an HS-200 Electron Accelerator.

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