Urdnot bakara
ME3 Eve
Faction UNSC
Gender Female
Current Division High Command
Relationships Light Guardian (Friend)

Tessa (Enemy) Undyne (Neutral) Cali (Neutral)

Loadout Shotgun, Rocket Launcher

"there will be no one left to save." -urdnot bakara to light guardian.

"first humans, now aliens! why are you recruiting aliens in the first place!?" -UNSC NAVCOM to light guardian.

urdnot bakara (or eve for short and nickname, also known as the night sentinel of endurance) is the second protagonist of the rise of the dark nemesis series, and the main protagonist in rise of the dark nemesis: blueshift.


urdnot bakara wears a blue robe with golden stripes, her mouth is not visible and blocked by what appears to be a scarf colored red with golden pluses on it. however, her eyes are visible, including half of her nostrils.

RotDN 2 appearance

bakara makes a reappearance in rise of the dark nemesis 2. however, she is severely scratched and damaged. her HIGH COMMAND uniform however, seems to be intact.

RotDN 3 appearance

bakara's appearance is similar to rise of the dark nemesis 2. however, she has more scratches on her skin, and has a large scar on the rear left of the lower torso.

RotDN 4 appearance

bakara's appearance is similar to rise of the dark nemesis 3. however, her wounds are barely seen and her scar is barely seen as well.


when bakara joined the united nations space command, she had only three options.

  1. marine corps.
  2. naval personnel.
  3. air force.

she went to the naval personnel and she made the right choice. later after successful training, she joined the HIGH COMMAND after ranking up to a certain rank.


urdnot bakara's rank in the naval personnel was captain (which she can join the office of naval intelligence). however, when she ranked up to commander, she was able to join the HIGH COMMAND, after training at ONI HQ, she was promoted to commander in-chief, the light guardian is responsible for her promotion.


her nickname was urdnot eve, (see below) but her real name is hidden by all known organics.

her real name was bakara, but she surrendered when she was outnumbered by a female krogan clan, later she was the shaman of the clan, but still locked in a cage for 7 days with food to last.

one day she started to dig the wrong way, and found a crystal, not light or dark energy, but a normal crystal. till then, she started to dig north and escaped the clan's prison.


main article: proxy.

the urdnot bakara proxy is colored black on the robes and scarf, the golden stripes are dark purple, and will attack survivors, the bakara proxy is often known as a clone and a dark version of urdnot bakara.


blood rage

allows bakara to do double the damage for a short amount of time.


allows bakara to heal other allies, thus will regenerate health, provide medical attention, etc.


allows bakara to charge to her enemies and stun them for a short amount of time. does not work on berserkers, goliaths, rakes, or poltergeists.


allows bakara to shred her targets when in close proximity.

paragon action

bakara can perform paragon actions, such as persuade others, help allies, etc.


bakara is a playable squad member in the game. to play as her, the player must open the pause menu and select "switch squad members" or use the switch button in-game. bakara can be recruited on tuchanka in chapter 2.


bakara is an unlockable character in the game. to unlock her, the player must complete the game on the hardcore difficulty without the player or a squad member dying.


  • bakara's nickname was given by dr. mordin after they escape the STG base in mass effect 3.
  • female krogan are more stronger than males are, which explains why the light guardian recruits her in the first place.
  • on season 1 episode 6 aka: attack on tuchanka, bakara was recruited, but what was strange is that if she knows if the light guardian is a god or not.
  • on season 4 episode 20. aka: pranks a lot, bakara does not burst into laughter when tessa makes jokes in her encounters, instead bakara would be disappointed and face palm at times, she sometimes tells tessa to stop making jokes, but every time she tells her she refuses, which makes her more disappointed and sometimes feels sad. but tessa pulled the ultimate prank on bakara after a marine wanted help opening a soda can, but bakara does not know it was shaken by tessa, when bakara opened the can the soda bursts into her cloths, tessa and others, including bakara bursts into laughter.
  • according to one of the teasers for rise of the dark nemesis 2, bakara is in a destroyed city with no survivors. however, she is aiming a pistol at her proxy counterpart.
    • the city is the same as the halo 5 guardians trailer, but with fire both in the foreground and in the background, there's a skyscraper in the background as well. the bakara proxy is also bleeding out from the damage of the destruction.
  • in the halloween update for rise of the dark nemesis 3, bakara can have the witch skin from left 4 dead.
  • if bakara dies in RotDN 3, she is replaced by undyne.


Sonic Symphony - Dark Force Rising02:07

Sonic Symphony - Dark Force Rising

dark force rising

this song is urdnot bakara's theme. this song plays in RotDN 2's main menu.

Kevin MacLeod ~ Hitman03:22

Kevin MacLeod ~ Hitman


this song is urdnot bakara's theme. this plays when the player is keeping the imperials from alerting that UNSC personnel breach dark oblivion in chapter 4.

see also

urdnot bakara:speech


Eve Character Selection Screen

urdnot bakara in the selection screen.

Eve Codex Screen

urdnot bakara as she appears in the codex screen.

RotDN Blue Shift Image Cover

urdnot bakara along with krystal and simon jarrett on rise of the dark nemesis: blue shift's image cover.

Eve Concept Art

concept art. notice that krystal is in time stop.


the bakara proxy along with the light guardian, undyne, krystal, and judy.

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