Simon Jarrett
Simon Jarrett
Faction UNSC
Gender Male
Current Division Orbital Drop Shock Troopers
Relationships Tessa (Neutral)

Others (Friend)

Loadout Shotgun, Pistol

"what are those things? where did they come from!?" -simon jarrett, season 1 episode 19.

"look, we're not going to hurt you." -daniel samuels.

simon jarrett is an ally in the rise of the dark nemesis series, and the third protagonist in rise of the dark nemesis: blueshift.


simon appears to be a cybernetic humanoid with a human body. according to his structure, he is genetically a human male (as with the hands). however, his head is completely blocked by what appears to be a hoodie-like cybernetic head, making identification difficult.

like krystal, simon is a telepath, but he can only read thought patterns. the main abilities such as detecting distress signals or scanning his enemy is ineffective.

RotDN 3 appearance

simon's appearance in rise of the dark nemesis 3 is completely different. the metal parts on him are rusted due to the energy strike blast. his other parts are intact, but he suffered extensive damage.

RotDN 4 appearance

simon's appearance in rise of the dark nemesis 4 is also different. the metal parts on him are refined. his other parts are also intact.


when simon joined the united nations space command, he had only 4 options.

  1. marine corps.
  2. naval personnel.
  3. air force.
  4. army.

he joined the army and he made the right choice. after successful training, he joined the ODSTs after ranking up to a certain rank.


simon's rank in the army was sergeant. however, after ranking up to sergeant major, he was able to join the ODSTs. after training in the ODST camp, he was promoted to lieutenant. cali was responsible for his promotion.


simon is a playable squad member in rise of the dark nemesis 2. to play as him, the player must open the pause menu and select "switch squad member", or press the switch button in-game. simon can be recruited on anchor 5 orbiting venous in chapter 3.


simon is an unlockable character in rise of the dark nemesis 2. to unlock him, the player must complete rise of the dark nemesis 2 on the guardian difficulty without dying.


  • simon is the main protagonist in SOMA.
  • simon's encounter was on season 1 episode 4. aka: the coming of shadows, also along with undyne and judy hopps.
  • like krystal, tessa and simon have arguments and causes distraction to UNSC personnel.
  • simon can read the memories of corpses, making him a perfect ally.
  • simon is immune to the X-zeno virus.
  • simon was originally the night sentinel of intelligence. prior to his visit with cali, the night sentinel's spirit was transferred to her.


Stand And Become Legendary - Jack Trammell (Position Music)01:36

Stand And Become Legendary - Jack Trammell (Position Music)

stand and become legendary

this song is simon's theme. this plays in the rise of the dark nemesis 4 quantum effect upgrade teaser trailer.


Simon Codex Screen

simon as he appears in the codex screen.

RotDN Blue Shift Image Cover

simon along with urdnot bakara and krystal on rise of the dark nemesis: blue shift's image cover.

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