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Type Reconnaissance
Nicknames Unknown
Health 50
Damage 15 Per Second
First Encounter Season 1 Episode 17: Battle Of Venous

shockers are a special infected in the RotDN series. they were added in the inFAMOUS update.


shockers resemble ginormous insects (most commonly the beetle) armed with only a stinger attached to it's head. according to ONI documents, shockers are described as oversize wasps or yellow-jackets, but this is not the case. most shockers are found in deserts, jungles, forests, mountains, tundras, city ruins, and on rare cases, UNSC orbital stations. their skin is bio-luminescent.


it is recommended that players must withdraw shockers as soon as possible, as a swarm can take out an entire team. shockers deal 15 damage per second, which increases the more they stay on. shockers are capable of draining health and energy, leaving the player defenseless. however, shockers also have a low amount of health, which it should be able to deal some damage without problem. shockers will latch to the player should they get to close, and may require another player or AI to kill it.

unlike most infected, shockers act as larva for swarmers and lurkers, and are one of the only three infected that are insects, and the only infected with bio-luminescent features.


  • if the player kills a shocker when it jumps before it can latch onto them, they will earn an achievement named "HOLY SMOKES!!". this is a reference in a popular source engine mod, portal stories: mel, after a construction crane explodes and collapses.
  • shockers are only meant for reconnaissance, because of their low health.
  • unlike the swarmer, shockers are incapable of flight. the trait is shared to the lurker.