Shepherd Artist Description
Shepherd Beta Model.
Type Support
Variants Captain, Marshall, Spearman
Health 1000
Damage 40
First Encounter Season 1 Episode 19: The Flood
"they seem to be more powerful than it's original counterpart." -krystal, season 1 episode 19.

the shepherd is a special enemy in the rise of the dark nemesis series.


shepherds are infected sangheili, with a flag placed behind them. shepherds are used as supreme leaders for the dark energy empire. shepherds will heal any wounded imperial in attempts to keep its squad alive.


shepherds may be found around the battle, but they are extremely rare. the only possible way of defeating the shepherd is targeting the shepherd first. due to the fact that shepherds are supreme leaders, they can lead an entire army of imperials to easily take down a UNSC outpost.

shepherds are considered a threatening imperial due to the fact they can dual wield spears or great swords, similar to the gladiator. on death, the shepherd will vaporize and form into pure dark energy, flying to the sky.


  • shepherds can be a serious threat if there is two on the battlefield.
  • the shepherd is similar to the kantas from gears of war. but their supportive behavior is similar to the promethean watcher from halo 4.
  • on rare cases, shepherds will call in a black knight airstrike.

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