Meán Fómhair
Meán Fómhair's Throw ability
Faction Viper Republic
Gender Female
Current Division Special Operations
Relationships Sounosh Keasoa (Mother)

Ajomn Keasoa (Father)

Loadout Elerium Rifle, Elerium Pistol

"Gather the dead, burn the bodies." -Meán Fómhair.

Meán Fómhair (Translated in Irish as September, formally T'vara Ty'Shok) is a special ally in RotDN: Energy Strike, and the main protagonist in RotDN: The Valorian Conflict. She was introduced in the Power of Mercy update.


Appearance & Nationality

Meán Fómhair appears to be a Viper in appearance. Her only difference is that her scales are much shinier than the rest of her people. Her pink eyes appear to have a distinct sky blue glowing color in her pupils. Like most militarized Vipers, Meán Fómhair wears standard issue armor (Although it is modified in some sorts.) She also has an ironed marking on her forehead.

A designation appears on her shoulders, displaying the numbers "1562980". This appears to be her Special Ops identification. She is also capable of understanding different languages (I.E, German, Turkish, Chinese, Greek, etc.) despite not learning about them. Her main language is Irish.

The most remarkable thing about Meán Fómhair is that she is partially mechanical after being augmented in a Special Ops project dubbed as "Magnavox". In X-Ray scans, her reproductive organs have been removed, replaced with a large Psionic device that allows her to control her abilities.


The ultimate Viper super-soldier, marshal commander T'vara Ty'Shok was assigned to Special Operations during the Viper civil war, the Valorian Conflict. She still remains as a commanding officer to this day forward. T'vara's Psi abilities consist of the manipulation of machines and electricity. However, she grows weak when her energy is drained, and must recharge herself to be able to heal. She carries modified weapons.

T'vara is categorized as a Recognizer-class, the most powerful of other Technopaths. Even a Monsoon-class Pyrokinetic is no match for her. The skin acts as a bioelectric field, which will shock anything that physically contacts her - including bacteria and solid surfaces. She has one purpose; purge the guilty and protect the innocent.

As she continued on with her people's legacy, she grew with popularity and was featured in most Viper Republic propaganda posters telling civilians to volunteer by her side. Because of her bioelectric field, not only is her skin electrified. Her venom and tongue can also shock her targets, dealing a grave amount of damage.



Allows Meán Fómhair to take direct control of a mechanical unit, infected or not. However, she is vulnerable in this state when controlling it.

Static Burst

Allows Meán Fómhair to generate an electrostatic pulse which will blind a Wretch, open a door, or disable a security system. However, this effect is only temporary.


Allows Meán Fómhair to throw a ball of electricity which will home in on targets. This will deal massive damage to weaker targets.


A stronger variation of Throw, and requires a longer recharge time. This can deal more damage to stronger targets.


Allows Meán Fómhair to use electromagnetic radiation to cause targets to fly into the air. Useful when dealing with a Shepherd.


A stronger variant of Toss, which the target will be slammed into the ground, doubling the damage.


Allows Meán Fómhair to generate a ball of electricity which attracts nearby targets and damages them. Useful when dealing with Medics or Spies.


Melee attack with a chance to disorient or stun the target. Cannot miss. Triggers Momentum, and generates Focus on kills.


Psionic attack that deals low damage, but jumps to nearby units at higher levels.


Gain Focus during missions, increasing stats, damage, and ability effectiveness. Focus can be spent on powerful abilities.


After attacking with Rend, prevent all damage from the next attack instead of moving.


Targets struck by Volt will be easier to hit, increasing aim by +15 against the target.


Mark a single target with a Psionic lens, causing them to take an additional 33% damage from a number of future single-target attacks. Costs 1 Focus. Does not end turn if used first.


Rend attacks have a 33% chance to generate Focus.


Summon a pillar of Psionic energy to act as a high cover point. Costs 1 Focus. Does not end turn if used first.

Stun Strike

Strike an enemy with Psionic force, knocking them back in the direction of the attack. Costs 1 Focus. Does not end turn if used first.


When Meán Fómhair has Focus, there is a chance to deflect incoming shots, completely avoiding the damage.


When an enemy dies, it may leave behind Psionic energy Meán Fómhair can collect to raise her Focus level.


When Meán Fómhair has Focus, there is a chance to reflect incoming shots back at the attacker, completely avoiding the damage. Requires Deflect.


Switch locations with an enemy unit. Costs 1 Focus. Does not end turn if used first.

Deep Focus

The maximum Focus level is increased to 3.

Arc Wave

Rend generates a wave of Psionic energy in the direction of the attack. Damage increases with Focus level.


Exchange locations with a squad mate. Costs 1 Focus. Does not end turn if used first.

Ionic Storm

Summon lightning to strike all nearby enemies. Costs all Focus, but generates Focus with kills.

Void Conduit

Trap a humanoid in a Psionic prison, immobilizing them for multiple actions and transferring their health to Meán Fómhair. Costs 1 Focus.


Allows Meán Fómhair to coil up her target and pin them down. The target takes more damage the longer they are coiled. She is vulnerable in this state. If Electrify is used, the damage dealt to the target using Bind is increased.

Tongue Pull

Allows Meán Fómhair to grab the target with her long tongue and pull them straight to her, or in another direction. If Electrify is used, the damage dealt to the target using Tongue Pull is increased.

Viper Poison

Allows Meán Fómhair to launch a puddle of Viper venom, which will deal damage to her target. The damage is increased the more the target stands in it. Useful when dealing with an Amalgamate horde. If Electrify is used, the damage dealt to the target using Viper Poison is increased.


Allows Meán Fómhair's skin to act as a bioelectric field to increase damage resistance to fifty percent. This even effects Viper Poison, Bind, and Tongue Pull, which the venom and the tongue will become electrified, and it will deal twice as much damage than it used to.

Enhanced HUD

Allows Meán Fómhair to scan the surrounding area for hostiles or objectives. Using this can allow Meán Fómhair to easily identify targets by variation. They also allow her to lock onto targets and fire at them. Useful in close quarters.


Meán Fómhair's abilities are a force to be reckoned with. With her modified weapons, she can quickly dispatch infected, and can resist high-power weapons, thanks to the Recognizer-class Technopath armor. Being the best super-soldier, Meán Fómhair is mainly used for offense and support.

Multiplayer Survivor Tactics

  • Meán Fómhair and a squad of survivors can make up an effective team against the infected. However, she is not meant for defending objectives. Remember: She is an offense and support character.
  • Her abilities can also disrupt power sources. However, some are required in order to progress. Lighting sources are an example.
  • Viper Poison is recommended for Amalgamate hordes, but it is also effective against boss infected. The Berserker is one example.
    • The venom can also slow down the target if hit directly.
  • Wretch Engineers are immune to her Hack ability, but are vulnerable to Static Burst. Their turrets also have the same result.
    • Medics and Spies however, are immune to Static Burst. It's best to save it for other variations.
  • Her Enhanced HUD can easily identify enemies by their variation. Players can use this to their advantage.

Multiplayer Infected Tactics

  • Meán Fómhair is a serious threat when she is present. Using a boss infected is strongly recommended.
  • If playing as a Wretch, be sure to avoid her Static Burst. It will blind Wretch players temporarily, but will also allow her the chance to kill them.
    • The same term applies to Tangent players.
  • Do not attempt to engage Meán Fómhair as a Puker, as the Puker is an extremely vulnerable target only used for ambush attacks. Heading straight to September is more likely suicide.



  • Immune to electric and water attacks.
  • Qualified to spare lives.
  • Merciful to allies that were former enemies.
  • Extremely high firepower.
  • Slightly higher endurance when Electrify is active.
  • Faster reviving time for downed squad members.
  • Can use enemy controlled power sources to heal.
  • Kind, compassionate, and gentle.


  • Easily distressed.
  • Reaction time slightly decreased.
  • Vulnerable to radiation and fire attacks.
  • Becomes heavily emotional when a squad member dies and slows down movement speed for twenty seconds.
  • Incapable of leaving her most favored squad member unless said squad member is dead.
  • Damage is highly decreased for scoped weapons.
  • Will not perform executions on enemies.
  • Cannot regenerate health or shields.


Freedom fighter

  • Successfully recruit Meán Fómhair.

Chained up

  • As Meán Fómhair, use Static Burst to blind ten Wretches at the same time.

I smell Valorian BBQ

  • (RotDN: TVC Achievement) Scorch ten Valorian Troopers using Static Burst, Throw, Warp, Toss, Slam, Singularity, or Electrify.


  • (RotDN: TVC Achievement) Capture or reprogram an ADVENT MEC unit.

Path of free will

  • Unlock ten skins for Meán Fómhair.

Never ending compassion

  • Unlock twenty skins for Meán Fómhair.

ADVENT defector

  • Unlock all skins for Meán Fómhair.


  • Unlock the legendary Electro skin for Meán Fómhair.


  • Complete a mission as Meán Fómhair on Easy.


  • Complete a mission as Meán Fómhair on Normal.


  • Complete a mission as Meán Fómhair on Heroic.

Body of steel

  • Complete a mission as Meán Fómhair on Legendary.

Hello, Commander

  • Complete a mission as Meán Fómhair on Normal without dying.

Free the oppressed

  • Complete a mission as Meán Fómhair on Heroic without dying.

Vigilo Confido

  • Complete a mission as Meán Fómhair on Legendary without dying.


  • Meán Fómhair's name was given from the month of the same name.
  • Meán Fómhair has the highest health and defense compared to any other survivor.
    • However, Raven's health surpass hers.



Concept art.


Casual outfit.