Sackboy 5
Faction UNSC
Gender Unknown
Current Division Military Police
Relationships N/A
Loadout SMG, Pistol
"wow, a small creature made of fabric? haha!!" -UNSC male marine laughing at sackboy's appearance.

"it's against protocols to laugh at a person's appearance." -light guardian.

sackboy (or sackgirl) is an ally in the rise of the dark nemesis series.


sackboy is a small creature made entirely out of fabric, carpet, and other soft materials. he/she has an as of yet unknown sorcery called a "popit", the popit is used by sackboy to use a popit cursor, place objects, create custom weapons/tools, etc. most of the time he/she uses the popit to create traps for enemies he/she encounters, such as a wretch, general, etc.

RotDN 2 appearance

sackboy makes a reappearance in rise of the dark nemesis 2. however, the popit is completely more advanced.

RotDN 3 appearance

sackboy's appearance is similar to rise of the dark nemesis 2. however, the zipper is rusted.

RotDN 4 appearance

sackboy's appearance is similar to rise of the dark nemesis 3. however, his/her zipper is refined.


when sackboy joined the united nations space command, he/she had only 3 options

  1. marine corps.
  2. naval personnel
  3. air force

he/she joined the air force and he/she made the right choice, later after successful training, he/she joined the military police after ranking up to a certain rank.


sackboy's rank in the air force was corporal. however, after ranking up to sergeant, he/she was able join the military police. after training in the MP courtyard, he/she was promoted to colonel. tessa is responsible for his/her promotion.


main article: proxy.

this proxy appears in rise of the dark nemesis 3 as the second teaser image. the text on the top left says:

"was it me?"

the text could mean the sackboy proxy could have been responsible for a crime scene (possibly murder). the proxy's role in rise of the dark nemesis 3 is to sabotage military defenses and prevent UNSC forces to continue their war.


tools bag

sackboy uses a tools bag filled with gadgets in it, can be found in the popit.

goodies bag

same like the tools bag, but filled with materials such as sponges, wires, etc.


this was used in littlebigplanet karting. sackboy uses weaponators to stun or damage enemies he/she encounters.


sackboy can use costumes as a disguise to trick enemies he/she encounters.

grapple hook

sackboy uses a grapple hook to grip objects and swing to the other side. this can be used as an escape route.


sackboy uses grabbanators to lift objects and throw them at a great distance.


sackboy is a playable squad member in the game. to play as him/her, the player must open the pause menu and select "switch squad member" or press the switch button in-game. sackboy can be recruited on voliva in chapter 2.


sackboy is an unlockable character in the game. to unlock him/her, the player must explore the ruins on reach in chapter 5.


  • sackboy can not speak, even with telepathic mind talking.
  • sackboy is also the main character of the littlebigplanet series. when LBP3 was released, sackboy has 3 new playable characters, known as oddsock, toggle and swoop.
  • sackboy can also "copy" other objects with his/her popit cursor. continuously creating food, drinks, etc.
  • sackboy's first encounter is on season 3 episode 15. aka: the sack, the guardian, and the nemesis.
  • in the halloween update for rise of the dark nemesis 3, sackboy can have a mad scientist costume.


Soul Production - "Autumn"

Soul Production - "Autumn"


this song is sackboy's theme. this plays when the player and their squad are in the crash site on reach.


Sackboy Codex Screen

sackboy as he/she appears in the codex screen.