In the year of 2578, a massive Dark-Energetic exchange caused the entire galaxy to fall under a galactic nuclear winter. Following this, The United Earth Government (UEG) sought to restore the galactic alliances during the incident. The United Rebel Front (URF), who were responsible for the nuclear winter, has fallen to the point where they no longer exist. Following a few months after the event, an unknown threat, who has called themselves the Dark Energy Empire, has killed over 270,000 Civilians and Military alike. Their goal is to assimilate all organic life with a virus named by the Center of Disease Control as X-Zeno. This virus can cause headaches, muscle pain and stiffness. Later on it turns into a kill-switch, with symptoms being increase of skin sensitivity, vomiting and loss of blood, soon following death. However, after 10 minutes after each reported death, they spring back to life as biotechnological zombie soldiers, who will attack any uninfected on sight. After this, the UEG and UNSC have recently began alien recruitment for those who support to stop the virus from spreading. However, this is risky as it takes almost forever to remove the virus. All attempts to cure or slow down the virus with known medicines or medical treatment have failed.

As the years progress many races are rushing to all planets in hopes to find a cure. However, they have to work together in order to find the ingredients needed for the cure. And this along with the Imperials attacking Military Bases and Civilian Population Centers, can cause a massive galactic holocaust. With resources being scarce, the galaxy is now under an invasion unlike any have seen before. And this, along with the massive virus spreading, will create an atomic renegade.



This faction has existed since 2552. Following the galactic exchange, the UNSC switched over from a peacekeeping Military, into a force dedicated to rescuing or helping Survivors. They are allied to the UEG and Covenant. The UNSC has a large supply of weapons, vehicles and armor. However, due to the nuclear fallout, their bases are left with nothing but the ashes of the nuclear winter.


This faction existed since the mid-2560s. During the galactic nuclear winter, many UEG has helped Civilians and Military find new homes, jobs, and resources. Although they don't have a lot of supplies, they have gained access to the UNSC's resources, and shared them later on. Slowly after this, they formed an alliance with the Covenant, and shared their resources to be put to good use.


The United Rebel Front were a complex, well-organized faction of Humans devoted to complete liberation from the influence of the Unified Earth Government and the United Nations Space Command. However, due to the galactic nuclear exchange, this group no longer exists. However, many members still retain their status.


Formed by the Necris, the Dark Energy Empire waged a campaign against organic life. Their goals are to assimilate organic life by biotechnological conversion with X-Zeno. They don't take kindly to those who try to stop them. They use Technetium and Dark Energy to power their technology and construct their ships, weapons, vehicles and armor.