Raven's red aura
Faction Viper Republic
Gender Female
Current Division Special Operations
Relationships Everyone (Enemy)
Loadout Repeater, Photon Launcher
"Mercy is for the weak." -Raven.

Raven (Or formally known as D'konta Ga'Tine, designated Viper 9526010) is a special ally in the RotDN series. She was introduced in the Power of Mercy update.


Raven appears to be a grey scale colored Viper, with a white chin. She is referred by September as a "Meta Viper", one of the most aggressive Viper sub-species. She wears modified standard issue armor, using platinum alloys to construct her helmet. A dark red aura accompanies her presence. A serial number appears on the back of her armor, displaying the numbers "9526010". This appears to be her Spec Ops identification.

No one can explain why the red aura appears on her, but others claim that it signifies her large hatred. Like most Vipers, Raven speaks and understands different languages. Her main language is Kuwaiti.


When Raven was assigned to the Magnavox project, she received a massive amount of gene modifications. Eventually, she became a Monsoon-class Pyrokinetic Meta Viper. In recent interviews with ONI personnel, Raven's anger and obsession for revenge appears to be from the fact that a Viper civil war known as the "Valorian Conflict" caused Raven's parents to die from collapsing rubble.

As her parents died, Raven's rage grew at an excessive level, transforming her into what she is now - an enraged Meta Viper whose only goal is to destroy anything who dares to stand in her way. She won't rest until her enemies paid the price, no matter the cost.



Allows Raven to manipulate hostiles and turn them against the target's allies. A great defense maneuver. Does not work on mechanical enemies.


Allows Raven to throw a fire projectile which will home in on enemies. The fire will deal continuous damage until the fire is put out. Does not work on fire-resistant enemies.

Battle Cry

Will cause Raven to shout and stun her enemies for a short time. Damage is increased when attacking stunned enemies. Does not work on mechanical enemies.

Fire Breath

Allows Raven to spawn a flaming cloud which ignites enemies. The longer the enemy stands in the cloud, the more damage it deals to them. Does not work on fire-resistant enemies.


A harmless variation of Fire Breath which spawns a cloud of smoke that blinds enemies. This can be used for hiding or retreating.


Like all Vipers, Raven can wrap her target and pin them down. The target will take damage during this. The damage is increased the longer they are coiled. She is however vulnerable in this state.

Tongue pull

Like all Vipers, Raven can grab enemies with her tongue and pull them closer, or in a different direction.


Will cause Raven to ignite and scream, increasing her aggression. She is extremely violent in this state, and will instantly kill enemies with a melee attack. Weapons and abilities are disabled during this. The ability lasts for twenty seconds before becoming calm again. Enemies will catch fire if they get too close.


Raven is more likely a slithering tank, thanks to her enhanced strength modifications. She is able to withstand even the most powerful of weapons. Unlike other Vipers, her melee attack is extremely powerful, being able to send an enemy's ragdoll flying, or knock down infected causing them to slide on the ground. She is also useful in offense and defense.

Multiplayer Survivor Tactics

  • If an enemy player is using a Strider, it's best for Raven to use her Photon Launcher to take it down. Destroying a Strider successfully will grant the player the "Strider Slayer" achievement.
  • Raven is capable of distracting enemies while her allies attempt to complete the objective. Combining this tactic with Urdnot Bakara has an effective result.
  • Her melee attacks are really effective against stronger enemies. Some require four hits before finally going down.
  • Raven's Repeater deals a massive amount of damage to infected, and has armor piercing capability. This can be used to engage larger threats.
  • The Berserk ability can only be used once. This is to prevent spamming and spawn killing. It's best to save it for boss infected.

Multiplayer Infected Tactics

  • Raven is the highest threat to any infected - including boss infected. If Raven is present, it's best to target her first. Use a Berserker if possible.
  • Killing Raven is extremely rare due to her large amount of health and defense. Using extremely powerful weapons, such as an Electron Accelerator can bring her down easily. Killing off Raven successfully will grant the player the "TANK!" achievement.
    • Killing her while she is using Berserk will grant the player the "New Meta" achievement.
  • Explosive weapons are the most effective against Raven. Players must make use of them while they can.



  • Extremely high health and defense, having the highest health in-game.
  • Resistant to melee attacks.
  • Immune to fire attacks.
  • Deals the highest damage to enemies.
  • Massive amount of strength and endurance.
  • Melee attacks can instantly kill weaker infected.
  • Color provides a perfect camouflage in dark areas.


  • Vulnerable to water and ice attacks.
  • Armor-piercing or explosive weapons can drain health easily.
  • Reviving time is increased when downed.
  • Cannot regenerate health or shields and must seek batteries or med-kits to recover.
  • Targeted by enemies the most.
  • Incapable to spare a single life.
  • Slower reaction time.


  • The player must complete the game on Guardian in order to unlock Raven. This is to prevent other players from abusing her abilities.
  • She is heavily inspired by the Brute Splicer from BioShock 2, albeit with difference.
  • Originally, Raven was going to have the ability to replicate her own DNA cells and form a temporary clone. This idea was cut due to being overpowered.
    • One of the concept arts display this ability in action. However, she is carrying a Photon Rifle instead of the Repeater.
  • Raven's health and defense surpasses September's, making her the hardest-to-kill.


Power Of Mercy Teaser Raven

Raven appearing in one of the teasers for the Power of Mercy update.

Raven Concept Art

Concept art.