Rake Concept Art
Type Aggressive
Variants Stalker, Climber, Slicer
Health 2000
Damage Instant Kill
First Encounter Season 3 Episode 30: Fall Of Woodburrow
"look man, i want to know what is behind me." -UNSC special forces.

the rake is a boss in the rise of the dark nemesis series.


the rake is a former anthropomorphic infected by X-zeno. however it's teeth, arms, legs and claws are elongated. the rake commonly hides behind victims before attacking.


rakes are not common, they're only encountered on strike teams. all UNSC forces are authorized to engage them if necessary, rakes do not submit or surrender to UNSC personnel.

rakes have a weak spot on their back, if a marine feels lucky he/she can kill the rake from behind. however attempts to damage or kill the rake in the front have been unsuccessful due to heavy armor. upon death, they will explode into dark energy crystal fragments, bursting through 2.5 yards.

the claws of a rake can be very risky as it is impossible to escape from, easily ripping the marine apart. the possible way to escape would be:

  1. firing a rifle or sidearm.
  2. avoiding by jumping or crouching.
  3. creating a distraction.

all of these are able to avoid getting killed by or captured by the rake, one stab from a rake's claw is a instant kill.


  • if the victim is caught off guard or from behind, the rake grabs the victim's legs. the victim turns around surprised. and helplessly watches as the rake slashes it's claws. the second swipe kills the victim.
  • if the rake and the victim are facing each other, the rake will pounce on the victim's chest, open it's mouth, screech and kills the victim. the sound of crunching bone is heard in the foreground and background.
  • if a victim is found in a locker, the rake rips open the locker door, grabs the victim and bites the victim's head. crunching bones is heard as well after the victim is killed.
  • if the rake finds the victim cornered, it will grab the victim with both hands and slash a single claw on to the victim's head, killing him/her instantly.
  • if the victim is crouching whilst facing the rake, it will slash a claw on the victim causing him/her to become recoiled. the second strike kills the victim.
  • if the victim has tripped and facing the rake, it grabs the victim's hands and bites the victim.
  • if the rake catches the victim tripped from behind, it grabs the victim and unleashes a quick fury attack and kills the victim after a few hits.
  • if the victim is crouching and caught from behind, the rake pulls the victim back, opens it's mouth and bites the victim.


  • it's first encounter was on season 3 episode 30. aka: fall of woodburrow.
  • tessa has opportunities against the rakes, using a sniper rifle and aiming in the back while other UNSC forces in a group of 7 attempt to engage it.
  • few marines were unlucky to kill the rake from behind, some may have been killed or injured.
  • in the developer's blog, the rake is inspired by the hunter from monstrum, the windigo from until dawn, the xenomorph from the alien series, as well as certain insects and spiders.


Monstrum OST 06 The Hunter03:02

Monstrum OST 06 The Hunter

the hunter

this song is the rake's theme. this plays when it spots the player. continues playing until the player escapes.

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