Image Coming Soon
Type Aggressive
Nicknames Unknown
Health 600
Damage 55
First Encounter Season 1 Episode 19: The Flood
"whoa. buzz-kill." -simon jarrett, season 1 episode 19.

the psycho is a special enemy in the rise of the dark nemesis series.


psychos are infected unggoy with distorted features. instead of the unggoy's common cowardly behavior, psychos are full of rage and will attack any survivors on sight.


psychos will use anything they can to kill any survivors they encounter. the warning sign of when a psycho is nearby is it's menacing laugh. psychos may look weak and delicate, but they are incredibly durable. their skin is incredibly thick, it can stop a .45 caliber bullet.

psychos may be durable, but they can be instantly killed when it's shell is shot off. it will explode after being shot. after a few seconds after the shell is shot, it will explode again.

unlike the unggoy, the psychos will dual wield pikes, or great swords, making them an active threat. psychos are known to be used as berserking warriors for the dark energy empire.


  • anything or anyone caught in the shell's second explosion are instantly killed.
    • the second explosion is similar to the covenant ghosts from halo 2 and halo 3. at which if it's destroyed, it will explode again.
  • the first encounter was on season 1 episode 19. aka: the flood.
  • psychos do not attack ODST's or spartans. instead they retreat to any heavily armored vehicle.
  • on rare cases, a psycho will grab a plasma grenade and perform a kamikaze-style attack.