A Standard Mindhack On A Refugee.
Type Mind Control
Variants Standard, Turret Mounted, Telepathic
Health 200
Damage Various
First Encounter Season 1 Episode 5: Attack On Tuchanka
"hey hey HEY! drop that!." -UNSC alpha 6 officer. the mindhack is one of the special enemies in the rise of the dark nemesis series.


the imperials realized that capturing humans and turning them into wretches isn't very effective. it costs too many resources. imperial engineers has developed a device, able to take control of their victims and turn them into allies. after many tests, it came out that this new weapon is even able to turn non-human life forms into mindless slaves. the device is being applied by dropping it on a victim. after that, the patient's head will be smashed and replaced with a synthetic brain. after application, the device cannot be removed. any attempt to remove the device will kill the patient.


mindhack controlled units can be found in most imperial squads. the main threat is that most mindhacks are telepathic. on most cases, other mindhacks can possess turret mounted flashlights. others can carry human weapons.


  • mindhacks will control humans as a wretch, and kill others with him/her. if the mindhack is destroyed, the possessed host would die.
  • mindhacks were created by steam user FiLzO.
  • mindhacks in the game's files are also called "controllers".