Lurker Encounter
Krystal Encounters A Swarm Of Lurkers On Sanghelios
Type Reconnaissance
Nicknames Unknown
Health 600
Damage 25
First Encounter Season 1 Episode 12: The Sun And The Nemesis
"perfect, more bugs." -undyne.

the lurker is a special infected in the RotDN series and a new installment for the commando update.


lurkers, confirmed by judy hopps, are synthetic insectoid constructs designed to hunt down and track the main RotDN cast. lurkers resemble that of an insect with four legs, and two arms with a single claw on each arm. they have black scales and purple glowing skin. they have red glowing eyes, and their claws are covered in blood (possibly previous victims). they appear to have communication devices on their back, possibly to communicate with other lurkers. they are covered in what appears to be cables, wires and other sorts of equipment used for electricity.


the goals of the lurkers are simple; to hunt down the heroes and stop them in their tracks. once successful, the lurker will kidnap the victim and return to dark oblivion. the warning sign of the lurker are it's red eyes and it's sounds it makes when alerted. their only point of weakness is the com device on it's back. destroying it will weaken the lurker but not kill it. when wounded, lurkers will retreat in order to regain health. it's armor is strong enough to resist even the most powerful weapons. however, once it's pack is destroyed, it's weak spot is exposed, located on the same location the com device was.

once killed, the lurker will burst into flames, releasing a toxic gas after combustion. the gas appears to suffocate anyone standing near it. after a few seconds, it will explode violently, with wires being flung across the battlefield. attacking the lurker in the front is futile, as the armor appears to deflect incoming projectiles.


  • in the games files, the lurker is named as "stalkerbug." the file appears to be in .obj format, suggesting that the lurker was originally named the "stalker". however, the name was cut in the final release in the commando update.
  • unlike the swarmer, lurkers are incapable of flight. the same trait goes to the shocker.
  • the lurkers appear to be similar to the aparoids from star fox: assault.
    • it's appearance is also related to the archon prime from destiny: rise of iron.