this is a list of speeches for light guardian in the rise of the dark nemesis series.

Light Guardian


"here they come!"

"weapons free!"



"there's a general!"

"take out the general first!"

"enemy general!"


"not you!"

"do not allow it to control us!"


"we got an assassin!"

"enemy assassin!"


"berserker sighted! run!"

"do not attack the berserker!"

"forget the target! we gotta run!"

battle end/escape

"they lost us."

"i think we lost them."

"we escaped for now, we should be careful."


"some type of object, better take it."

"well that will be worth the cost."

"this may be useful."

battles won

"mission accomplished!"

"nice work!"

"way to go!"


"i do not like scary noises."

"you're starting to give me a heart attack."

"this better not be prank."

latched my enemy

"get this thing off me!"

"get it off me!"



"now you're talking."

"you could be helpful, grab some weapons."

"these people may come in handy."

paragon action

"hold on to my hand!"

"i'll lift you!"

"you can trust me on this!"

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