Light guardian
Light Guardian
Faction UNSC
Gender Male In Comics

Can Be Customized Ingame

Current Division High Command
Relationships Krystal (Friend)

Urdnot Bakara (Friend) Tessa (Official Friend) Cali (Neutral) Undyne (Neutral)

Loadout Assault Rifle, Pistol

"light energy flows like the water, healing the sick and wounded. dark energy spreads like wildfire, killing anything it touches." -light guardian.

the light guardian (also known as the night sentinel of charisma) is the main protagonist in the rise of the dark nemesis series.


the light guardian wears a suit somewhat like a spartan IV of the spartan IV project. he also owns a secretary general badge, knowing others to respect the secretary, including the commander in-chief.

secretary general is a high rank in command, this means no one else can command him, and secretary makes the rules.

he has somewhat of a power source called light energy, and can form many powers with it, such as projectiles, lightning bolts, etc.

RotDN 2 appearance

the light guardian makes a reappearance in rise of the dark nemesis 2. however, his armor is scratched and damaged.

RotDN 3 appearance

the light guardian's appearance is similar to rise of the dark nemesis 2. however, the armor is even more scratched and damaged then it used to be.

RotDN 4 appearance

the light guardian's appearance is similar to rise of the dark nemesis 3. however, for some strange reason his armor is refined, repaired and cleaned.


the light guardian does not need a division, due to being in the secretary general rank. it is unknown where his badge came from.


main article: proxy.

the proxy version of the light guardian has black armor, red lights, and a purple visor. this proxy is a clone of the light guardian, and he is hostile towards survivors.

as in the quantum update, the proxy now resembles one of the spartan V suits with it's tendrils shooting out from it's head.



the light guardian can use lightning for his main source and use the lightning against his enemies he encounters.


the light guardian will use lightning, but he can turn it into fire, thus causing his enemy to suffer great damage.


the light guardian can freeze his targets with the cryokinesis powers, and freezes them for a short amount of time.

paragon action

the light guardian can perform paragon actions, such as persuade others, help allies, etc.


the light guardian is the main character in the game, therefore the player automatically unlocks him as a starter character in the game and in multiplayer. he is also playable in story mode. in story mode, the player has multiple options from 2 paths: light or dark. light will gain guardian points, while dark gains shadow points. the player can make choices in story mode, allowing many consequences.

a major example would be:

  • if the player chose to free the slaves in the imperial home world, they would earn guardian points.
  • if the player chooses to leave the slaves behind, they will earn shadow points.

it is also recommended that players should choose their actions carefully, as a mistake can result in a change of path.

here is an example of a light consequence:

  • light guardian: "say undyne, care to find a friend?"
  • undyne: "get out squirt, i don't need friends."
  • light guardian: [light consequence] "you know, if you like being the boss, you need respect from your team. commanders don't judge people because of how they look, they give orders during the battle. would you want that?"
  • undyne: "i guess you're right."

now here's a dark consequence:

  • light guardian: "judy hopps! stand down!"
  • judy: "she started it!"
  • undyne: "coward. you don't even get it."
  • light guardian: [dark consequence] "what you need to know is that you can't attack a fellow high ranking member, unless they were treating you that way. now step out!"
  • judy: "ugh. fine."
  • undyne: "HA! idiot!"

as a consequence happens, the player, depending on the consequence, will earn guardian or shadow points. again, it is recommended that players choose their actions CAREFULLY.


  • the light guardian is similar to hercules. he is also inspired by the thunder god zeus.
  • according to the UNSC's rules, personnel can not join 2 divisions, it may be possible that the suit is part of the light guardian's physical figure.
  • on season 1 episode 5 aka: invasion of new alexandra, he helps out a few UNSC marines, but there were major losses, resulting in 50 to 90 marines killed on the spot.
  • the light guardian uses the same model as the master chief, and as well he never takes off his helmet. his voice does not sound like master chief, but he has the voice of a young american adult. however, prior to the fatality update, his model was changed to the mark VI halo 4 generation.
  • in one of the teasers for rise of the dark nemesis 2, the light guardian has his armor damaged. his proxy counterpart is damaged as well.
  • in the halloween update for rise of the dark nemesis 3, the light guardian can have a jack-O-lantern skin.


Stellardrone - Airglow05:17

Stellardrone - Airglow


this song is the light guardian's theme. this plays in the game's main menu screen.

battle for the soul of the universe

Immediate Music - Battle for the Soul of the Universe ( Trailerhead Triumph )02:52

Immediate Music - Battle for the Soul of the Universe ( Trailerhead Triumph )

this is the light guardian's battle theme. this song plays in chapter 1 when the player encounters the dark energy imperials.


Light Guardian Concept Art

concept art.

RotDN ES Image Cover

the light guardian on the rise of the dark nemesis: energy strike image cover. notice the UNSC marine and the imperial soldier.

Light Guardian Assault Rifle

the light guardian with the standard UNSC assault rifle.


the light guardian proxy, along with undyne, bakara, krystal, and judy.

Light Guardian Codex Screen

the light guardian as he appears in the codex screen.

see also

light guardian:speech.

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