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Type Support
Variants Commander, Major, Siege Master
Health 150
Damage 10
First Encounter Season 1 Episode 2: The Empire Strikes Back
"take out the general first!" -UNSC marine telling others to target the general first.

the general is one the ultra rare enemies in the rise of the dark nemesis series.


generals are like a wretch, but in a overpowered way, the flag is placed behind it's back to let wretches know a general is the leader. generals are ultra rarely encountered along with wretches, when UNSC marines encounter a general along with wretches, standing orders are to kill the general first.


generals use a ribbon of dark energy forming armor for wretches, this seems why UNSC marines target the generals first before this happens.

a rocket launcher would kill the general, but in UNSC marine protocol, it is restricted.

a sniper rifle would kill the general, but in UNSC marine protocol, it is restricted.

a shotgun would kill the general, and is not restricted in UNSC marine protocol.

other weapons would make the general dangerously aggressive, making it an active threat.


  • generals heal wretches as well. remember: standing orders are to take out the general first.
  • generals are only encountered on strike teams, making them an active threat.
  • the generals have a weak point, aiming a pistol to the general in the body would cause bleeding, making the general less threatening.
  • generals in nicknames are known as nomads from the borderlands series, both are vocal leaders and can command other troops to battle.

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