Daniel samuels
Image Coming Soon
Faction UNSC
Gender Male
Current Division Marines
Relationships Krystal (Girlfriend)

Tessa (Neutral) Cali (Neutral)

Loadout DMR, LMG
daniel samuels is an ally in the rise of the dark nemesis series, and the main protagonist in rise of the dark nemesis: fireteam obsidian.


daniel is a 23 year old british male, with reddish tan skin, and brown eyes. daniel was in the marines for 6 years, and is close to becoming an ODST.


daniel's rank in the marines is currently unknown at this time. he could be sergeant, or somewhere in the middle.


  • daniel suffers from necrophobia, the fear of corpses, skeletons and much more related to dead creatures or humans..
  • daniel is a technological expert and has experience with sentry turrets, computers and much more.
  • daniel has a close relationship with krystal. sometimes he takes snapshots of her with his camera, give her gifts (such as flowers), and even takes her to explore other planets.


Groove Addicts - End Game

Groove Addicts - End Game

end game

this song is daniel's theme. this plays in RotDN 5 chapter 2: the last stand for humanity.

Super Hexagon Soundtrack - Void

Super Hexagon Soundtrack - Void


this song is daniel's theme. this plays during the sacrifice or save choice in RotDN 5 chapter 5: the end of the shadows.