Close Image Of Cutbug
Type Hostile Alien
Nicknames Unknown
Health 65
Damage 42
First Encounter Season 1 Episode 5: Invasion Of New Alexandra.

"i'd stay clear of it's tail if i were you." -garrus vakarian.

the cutbug is a hostile alien in the rise of the dark nemesis series.


cutbugs are similar to the headcrab. it's tail has a very sharp blade on it's rear end. unlike it's other kinds, cutbugs have a variety of colors and sizes, depending on age.


cutbugs are often found in swarms or hives, but they often travel to other areas on other planets to create hives. cutbugs are considered an active threat, as they tend to kill any human or alien on sight. all UNSC forces are to keep their distance and back away from cutbugs if too close.

on death, a corrosive chemical will burst out of the cutbug's body. biological tests show the reaction is caused by ignition. it is very likely that a cutbug's organs are flammable.


  • cutbugs are similar to the xenomorph, with the exception of the head.
  • in the game's files, they are also named "cremators".
  • the cutbugs is one of the races that served the imperials.
  • cutbugs were created by steam user sligwolf.