"run! get out of the way!" -UNSC ODST.

Berserker Concept Art
Concept Art.
Type Offensive
Variants Destroyer, Killer, Riper
Health 8000
Damage Instant Kill
First Encounter Season 1 Episode 7: Crisis On Tuchanka.
the berserker is one of the bosses in the rise of the dark nemesis series.


berserkers are not usually human in origin, but deemed as a "krogan" infected. berserkers are generally female krogan, able to destroy metal and hard materials such as steel, stone, iron, and titanium.

berserkers are not common, they are only encountered on kill teams, when numbers are low, a berserker is sent to the battlefield in complete rage and mindless berserk.


berserkers use their arms to rip away hard objects like riot shields, blast doors, etc. but what's abnormal is it's mindless berserk and behavior of rage.

the most dangerous thing about berserkers is that it throws heavy and light vehicles, including a scorpion tank. berserkers are twitching on rare occasions, this happens when it is too aggressive, when this happens the berserker will kill anything in it's way, including it's own troops.

berserkers also have increased line of sight, hearing and range of smell, if a marine were to make loud noises or has been sniffed, the berserker would more likely charge at them at an incredible speed.

if a berserker has a marine on sight, it'll do the same thing, however it is impossible to escape from. as so far, attempts to damage or kill the berserker have failed. although weapons seem to stun them. tesla gates on the other hand knock them out for a short amount of time (up to 5 to 10 minutes).

prior to the fatality update, berserkers can now be killed if it's shell is exposed. destroying its core (heart) will result in the berserker's death.


  • if the victim is caught off guard or from behind, the berserker will lift the victim off the ground. he/she will turn around and the berserker will use one of its fists and kill the victim.
  • if the victim and berserker are facing each other, the berserker will grab the victim's neck and twists it, killing the victim instantly.
  • if the victim's facing the berserker whilst crouching, the berserker grabs the victim with both hands and crushes the victim's heart.
  • if the victim has tripped or has been found under a table, the berserker will pull out the victim and crushes his/her skull, killing the victim instantly.
  • if the victim is found in a locker, the berserker will rip the locker open, grabs the victim's neck, and twists the victim's neck.


  • the first encounter was on season 1 episode 7. aka: crisis on tuchanka.
  • urdnot bakara was surprised about the berserker's ability to rip away hard objects and to throw vehicles. bakara was in a horrified state of the berserker as if she never seen a krogan do this before.
  • in the developer's blog, the berserker is inspired by the brute from monstrum, the hulk from the marvel series, the tank and charger from left 4 dead, SCP-682, as well as the creature of the same name from gears of war.


Monstrum OST 03 The Brute02:27

Monstrum OST 03 The Brute

the brute

the song is the berserker's theme. this plays when it is chasing the player. continues playing until the player has escaped.

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