Image Coming Soon
Type Aggressive
Nicknames Unknown
Health 2000
Damage 65
First Encounter Season 2 Episode 3: Tactical Mission
"strong, but stronger when the humans wound it." -dark nemesis.

the behemoth is a boss in the rise of the dark nemesis series.


behemoths are infected jiralhanae, with powerful melee attacks. behemoths are used as war beasts for the dark energy empire, as with the exception of the chains on their wrists.


it is best to keep away from behemoths if possible. their powerful melee attacks can be a threatening situation to marines or special forces. unlike the jiralhanae, behemoths are always on berserk mode, either if it's target escaped, has fled the battle, or encounters an enemy.

however, there is a solution to a behemoth attack; behemoths have a weak spot on their chest plate. hitting it hard enough will expose its weak point. after a few shots, the behemoth dies. on death the behemoth's power suit self-destructs after 5 seconds upon the behemoth's ragdoll dropping to the ground.


  • unlike the berserker, the behemoth is more powerful.
  • it is encountered in season 2 episode 3, aka: tactical mission.
  • behemoths share a common guard-like behavior towards swarmer groups.