"that doesn't sound good." -UNSC naval combat.

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Type Reconnaissance
Nicknames Unknown
Health 100
Damage 15
First Encounter Season 1 Episode 23: Ghost Town In Woodburrow
the assassin is one of the special enemies in the rise of the dark nemesis series.


assassins are not human in origin, but more likely to be "turian" infected. assassins are stealth wretches to formally attack UNSC shock troops such as ODSTs, spartans, special forces, etc. assassins target weaker troops next.

assassins do not come in visual contact with any UNSC local forces, only special forces can take out the assassin with advanced radars and motion sensors. when an assassin is present special forces put weaker troops in the back, special forces in front.


assassins don't like coming in visual contact with any UNSC personnel, including on radars, motion sensors, etc. they only target stronger forces first then moving to weaker troops last. ODSTs are required to have extreme caution, and have one warning: "assassins target special forces first".

assassins are more weaker than other wretches, as due to having light armor. heavy armor is the best defense, but only soldiers can wear it. light armor for the assassin is used to protect the assassin for a while, but sniping is their weak point.


  • the dark nemesis uses assassins to wipe out shock troops in order to make the UNSC more weaker.
  • their first encounter was on season 1 episode 23 aka: ghost town in wood burrow.
  • on rare occasions the assassin's head will twitch in a violent way, this "twitching" behavior is commonly known to be the assassin glitching out. this happens when the assassin is in a state of becoming "out of control".