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Type Defense and Support
Variants Commander, Nitro, Juggernaut, Mercenary, Sterilizer
Health 1500
Damage 40
First Encounter Siege of Meridian
The Apex is a special infected in the RotDN series. They were introduced in the Power of Mercy update.


The Apexes are advanced versions of the Wretch. The only notable difference, is that they are slightly taller than their cousin. They wear different sets of armor. Some include Promethean-Necris integrated technology, being able to cloak in the battlefield.


An Apex will rarely spawn in the map. It deals double the damage unlike the Wretches. Like the Shepherd, the Apex acts as a leading support unit. The only exception being that it is incapable of healing, and rather uses aggressive tactics. They have 1500 health, and deal 40 damage.

A best way for dealing with an Apex is targeting it first with stronger weapons. Side arms or standard issue weaponry are ineffective. Detecting a cloaked Apex can be very difficult, and therefore sound is key in order to defeat it. They are also vulnerable to Static Burst, which will temporarily blind them (Does not work on the Nitro). Apexes are common in Imperial strike teams, often acting as the last line of defense if a Shepherd is eliminated.

Fighting an Apex is arguably a boss fight each time it spawns in the map. Only one Apex variation can be active at a time, since the Hero Mode was implemented.


  • If possible, it is best to avoid the Apex and let the allies finish it off.
  • Like the Wretches, the Apex is capable of speech.

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