Image Coming Soon
Type Aggressive
Variants Juvenile, Toddler, Teenager, Adult, Elder
Health 50
Damage 5
First Encounter Season 1 Episode 1: Awakening
the amalgamate is one of the common infected in the RotDN series, as a purpose to replace the wretch. they were announced in the a light to shine update.


according to the update's description, amalgamates are what replace the wretches as common infected. an interview with the author has explained the appearance of an amalgamate. according to the author's notes, the amalgamate are once humans or aliens that became infected by X-zeno, only to have their features distort and disfigure themselves, almost making them inhuman. amalgamates are reported to be at a certain age, ranging from juveniles to adults.

in addition, technetium spikes grow on the host's body which explains the bodily distortion and disfigurement.


amalgamates do not appear in-game as of late, but the developers have explained that they will be added to a future update. best strategy is to basically shoot them, as the author explained they have a low health percentage.


  • the amalgamates are a reference to the common infected in left 4 dead.
  • the bodily distortion and disfigurement may be caused by cybernetic growth as with the technetium spikes.

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