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Type Aggressive
Variants Juvenile, Toddler, Teenager, Adult, Elder
Health 50
Damage 5
First Encounter Siege of New Alexandra
the Amalgamate is one of the common infected in the RotDN series, as a purpose to replace the Wretch. They were announced in the A Light To Shine update and released in the Power of Mercy update. They are the first infected to be encountered.


Mainly considered cannon fodder, Amalgamates are the first sign of an outbreak. They appear disfigured from the infectious X-Zeno pathogen. Most Amalgamates range from adults, teenagers, toddlers, and the elderly. Not only do humans become Amalgamates, but plants, wildlife and other species can be infected as well. They appear with pale skin and milky white eyes.

In addition, due to Technetium spikes protruding from it's back and shoulder, Amalgamates tend to generate radiation. A thick radioactive green aura accompanies this. A single attack from an Amalgamate, or simply standing next to it is a result for infection.


Amalgamates rely on brute force, using their claws to attack anything that comes in range of them. Amalgamates have a low health percentage, making killing a bit easier. However, a horde of Amalgamates will start pouring down at full force, climbing over obstacles that block their way.

Amalgamates are also highly agitated when introduced to high pitch frequencies, such as car alarms, or pipe bombs. This will enrage an Amalgamate horde, making them much larger of a threat. Not only are civilians in the horde, but there are uncommon variations of the Amalgamate as well, namely ones wearing hazmat suits (Immune to fire) and riot gear (Bulletproof).


  • The Amalgamates are a reference to the Common Infected from Left 4 Dead.