Image Coming Soon
Type Assault
Nicknames Unknown
Health 4500
Damage 12
First Encounter Season 1 Episode 20:

The Flood Part 2

"question: do they use dark energetic fireballs?" -judy, season 1 episode 20: the flood part 2.

the acolyte (or advanced shepherd in the game's files) is a special enemy in the RotDN series, and a new installment of the warzone update.


acolytes are almost similar to shepherds. however, they use offensive attacks rather than defending its squad members. instead of swords or spears, they use dark energy projectiles from their hand.


an acolyte should be considered non-threatening as it's attacks are more weaker than its cousin. however, prior to its squad member or leader dying, it'll evolve into a harbinger, making the fight more difficult. it is easy to avoid this by killing the acolyte first, although this tactic is not very effective.

should an acolyte transform into a harbinger, standing orders are to kill the harbinger first. should this tactic fail, all UNSC personnel are to retreat away from the battle zone as soon as possible, as harbingers don't have a longer lifespan, mainly due to dark energetic reactions causing the harbinger to explode.


harbingers are much more stronger than the acolytes. however, their lifespan only lasts for 2 minutes, due to nuclear reaction caused by dark energy growths. should the growths become too large for the harbinger to support, it will cause a nuclear reaction, followed by a massive explosion. if the harbinger dies, it's dark energy growths will erupt from inside the harbinger's body.


  • harbingers and acolytes are rare but mostly common in strike teams.
  • undyne dislikes acolytes, mainly because she claims them to be "weak and stubborn".
    • the harbinger transformation also supports this fact.
  • the acolyte and harbinger can be a much bigger threat around the proxies.